The Sun Rises and Sets On Another Day of Opportunity

What Is Necessary For Success?

16) Over-caution
17) Wrong selection of associates in business
18) Superstition and prejudice
19) Wrong selection of a vocation
20) Lack of concentration of effort
21) The habit of indiscriminate spending
22) Lack of enthusiasm
23) Intolerance
24) Intemperance
25) Inability to cooperate with others
26) Possession of power that was not acquired through self effort
27) Intentional dishonesty
28) Egotism and vanity
29) Guessing instead of thinking
30) Lack of capital
31) Make a list of any others not mentioned above


1) Unfavorable hereditary background
2) Lack of a well-defined goal
3) Lack of ambition to aim above mediocrity
4) Insufficient education
5) Lack of self-discipline
6) Ill health
7) Unfavorable environmental influences during childhood
8) Procrastination
9) Negative personality
10) Lack of controlled sexual urge
11) Uncontrolled desire for "Something for nothing"
12) One or more of the six basic fears
      1- Poverty  2- Criticism  3-Ill health

      4- Loss of love of someone    5- Old age  6- Death
13) Lack of a well defined power of decision
14) Lack of persistence

15) Wrong selection of a mate in marriage

Many things are important but I believe a burning desire to succeed is the most important. Then comes the 3 P's (PERSISTANCE, PERSEVERANCE AND PATIENCE).

You also must set a specific goal, a date for its achievement and a plan to achieve it by. You must also recognize possible obstacles. I will list some. Once you recognize your weak points, work to eliminate them or change your attitude towards them. By overcoming your adversity you will become strong and succeed in your endeavor.​