The Sun Rises and Sets On Another Day of Opportunity


             War is necessary at times. This is due to the nature of man. War leads to peace. Peace leads to war. This has been going on from the beginning. It will continue. We must learn to live with it. It is a contrast in nature like the contrast of light and dark.

             Those who are the victors find an exhilaration in it. The Glory of War. This exhilaration is brief. When the high is over, reality sets in. That is what my poem is about. The price that is paid for the victory.

              I wrote this during the Vietnam War, after reading an article about a WWII soldiers skeleton found in a farmers field in France. It told of the difficulty of identifying the soldier and finding his kin.

              It made me think.


We raised ourselves a son We raised him from a tot
We gave him all our loving we taught him quite alot
Then our country called him Called him off to war
Now we never see him We never see him anymore

A foreign land had drained his blood Bright sunlight bleached his bone

He died upon a battlefield many thousands of miles from home
His loved ones were in mourning all day and through the night
But the world Yes the world had felt his might

For he was young and he was brave with mind and body strong

He fought for freedom He fought against all wrong
He died upon the battlefield The battlefield of sin
So that we here at home We here at home might win

Many years ago this happened and the world is still the same
Many years ago this happened now who remembers his name

And now another member from our mighty ranks of men

Is being called upon to do it over again

Glory there is no Glory  There is no Glory in a war
A cold and deadly story Nothing more.

Glory of War