A Turtles Journey

The Sun Rises and Sets On Another Day of Opportunity


Hatched in the sand on a Florida shore

                                                                    Drawn by the call of the wave                                                                          

A turtle breaks free of its nurturing shell

                                                     Alone determined and brave                                                          

Instinctively following its ancestors dream

                                                          Of breaking away from the land                                                              

In its mind is a magnet that pulls toward a goal

                                               Thousands of of miles from the sand                                         

To reach the sea it must endure

                                                                              The perils from land and air                                                                                 

Others perish but it survives

                                                                               Showing no sign of despair                                                                                             

On reaching the sea it is gently carressed

                                                              In the arms of a retreating wave                                                              

The gods of the ocean have decided today

This is one turtle to save