The Sun Rises and Sets On Another Day of Opportunity

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I have worn many hats during my life of almost 73 years. I was born in "The Bronx"  NYC,NY,USA. I grew up in what I believe was the prototype for the first housing project "Parkchester". For those who might be familiar I attended St. Raymonds grammar school and Mount St. Michael high school. Brief college Fort Schuyler Maritime (Bronx). Also took a DeVry home study course in electronics.

I have worked as a lifeguard (age 16). Mail clerk (age 18). Construction worker (steamfitter)  (age 19). US Postal carrier (age 20). I married at age 20 and went on the NYPD at age 21. I spent one year there and switched to FDNY. I bought my first house in 1962 at age 22 in Warwick, NY (brand new $15,990 with 1/4 acre land). During my career on the FDNY  I worked many different side jobs just to pay the bills.  I had a wife and 3 children to support. My wife did not work while the children were growing up. My total income during the early years was about $10,000. But on that income I had a new 3/2 + 2 car garage, a brand new '67 ford mustang and a second car. Gas was about 23 cents a gallon. The good old days. Any way I worked as TV repairman and TV antenna installer, sold roofing and siding, sold hearing aids, installed and cleaned carpets. So you name it I did it.

Then I studied to become an officer on FDNY. But that was interrupted by on the job injuries. The Bronx was burning at that time and my engine company was busy putting out the fires. As a result there were alot of injured firefighters. I was retired on a disability after 15 yrs. and I had to adapt to a new lifestyle. I went into selling life insurance and then found my niche in Real Estate as broker for my own company Krupa Realty, Inc. when I moved to Florida in 1979. I closed the company 2010. Things have changed drastically in my country. Now I pray everyday that we can regain our ethics and the old American exceptionalism that made us a great country.
I mention the above because through these experiences I encountered (good and bad) my Ideology was formed. We are the sum total of our experiences. I have also learned no one is right all the time. We are all human with all the faults that come with that territory. I am a person that will question everything. I believe everything and I believe nothing. It has to be proven, and still I am skeptical.

I have written lyrics, poems, songs since I can remember. I never gave much thought to it and a lot of my works have been lost over the years and I do not recall them. That is why I am putting them on this site. To preserve but also to share them with others that might find them helpful or interesting. I would like to converse with others on these thoughts to obtain their opinions.

Please bear with me as I build this website, I am learning as I go along.


Bob Krupa